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Soy Candles | Wood Wicks

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Soyville Original Candles are hand-poured in East Tennessee. We use 100% soy wax, organically grown wood wicks and the finest fragrance oils. Each fragrance is tested for compatibility with our soy wax to guarantee maximum performance! Just light and your room will be filled with heavenly scents!

Soyville Essentials were created out of pure customer demand. Hand poured in East Tennesee, our Soyville Essentials line uses 100% soy wax, organically grown wood wicks and 100% essential oils. These candles will fill your room with scents that will make you feel great! Soyville Essentials are designed for their healthful properties and delightful aromas.  Soyville Winescents bring the smells of the Tennessee Valley to your home! Hand-poured in East Tennessee, Soyville Winescents are made using 100% soy wax, custom wine fragrances and recycled wine bottles. Find out how good life really is by lighting a Winescent today!